Hawai'i No Ka Oi 

We get asked often by visitors and residents this question all the time: "There's deer in Hawai'i?" The short answer to that question is YES! The tastiest deer in the country! But for a more in depth history of how deer got to our island here is the link.

Our Wild Hawaiian Axis Deer, harvested under strict USDA standard and processed by local professionals, is hands down the most delicious venison you will ever taste! ...Or if you would like an overly enthusiastic story of the hunting process you are welcome to give me a call anytime and I will be glad to tell you what an amazing process and operation Maui Nui and Ki'a Hawai'i have. We were lucky enough to see the process first hand and could not have been more impressed! Here are some of the reasons Hawai'i's deer is among the most exceptional venison in the world: 

  • Year round temperate climates
  • Zero predators
  • Lush grasses & forage 
  • No stress of migration = less gaminess (Axis deer is already considered the least gamey of all species)
  • Less than 1% intra-muscular fat
  • Harvested under strict USDA inspections with extremely humane practices
  • Better than organic
  • Lived a truly wild and free life!

Forage brings to the market beef, lamb, venison, Eland, and more. However, the main reason we started the meat market was to make venison more available. That is because it is an untapped natural resource that is delicious, healthy, and needs our help with population control. The species is considered invasive to Hawai'i yet we import the majority of meat that comes to the island. Venison could play an integral part in increasing food security on the islands.

​Maui's deer population started in 1959-1960 with just 9 of the animals.

Today it is estimated that Maui's population is

between 30,000-50,000

We are forever grateful for the team of Ki'a Hawai'i for spending countless hours, years, hard work, and investment in order to get this product to the market. Forage passes on the same respect of culture and community Ki'a Hawai'i and Maui Nui have given to the people of Hawai'i- by choice sourcing, careful population monitoring, and much much more. Mahalo Nui Loa. 

Truly Wild  Hawaiian Venison

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