Meat Guide


**Grass-finished/Pasture-Raised get more exercise than feedlot animals are inherently tougher. Take care when preparing. Click here for cooking tips

80/20 Ground Beef & Burger Patties- Perfect for Spaghetti Sauces, Juicy Meatballs, Perfect Burgers, Meatloafs, & Delicious Mexican Dishes. 

Cubed Beef Stew Meat- Sear until brown and add broth, beer, or wine along with veggies and spices to create a great stew or curry. Takes 2-3 hours simmering to become fork tender. Keep heat under 220 degrees.

Thin Sliced Top Round- A very flavorful cut perfect for teriyaki, Philly cheesesteak, meat jun, French dip sandwich, stroganoff, stir-fry, carnitas or jerky. This cut is on the tough side so must be marinated overnight and/or pounded with a meat mallet. 

Sirloin Steak-This is a baseball cut 8oz steak that is very lean and has a distinct beef flavor. Great for steak & eggs in the morning. 

Flat Iron Steak- Flat Irons are a small 6oz steak cut from the flavorful chuck area. Their tangled up protein structure makes for a more tender steak than most. 

Filet Mignon-The least used muscle from the animal and therefore the most tender. Our Filets are a petite 6oz steak. 

Ribeye Steak- Hands down the most popular steak around. Because Makaweli is a farm and not a factory, this steak can be fairly marbled or quite lean depending on the animal. 

New York Strip Steak- Cut from the short loin of the cow, these steaks are either "First Cut" which includes some gristle, or "Center Cut" which does not. Center cut New Yorks are more expensive but just as tender as First Cut. 

Chuck Roast- This shoulder cut requires low and slow braising but makes for juicy tender roasts when cooked properly. 

Osso Bucco Shanks- These large shank cuts are a 2 inch cross cut from the leg of the animal. Not to be confused with veal (young cattle), these shanks are rather large but are full of collagen that holds up to long cooking methods and are great in the slow cooker for up to 8 hours. The added bone marrow increase the flavor and nutritional profile.

Oxtail-Two to three inch cuts from the tail of the animal. This cut is limited and highly sought after for the popular Chinese Oxtail Soup. 

Soup Bones- Bone broth is all the rave now days but it is actually a very traditional food. Most cultures have a rich history of using bones and organ meats in their dishes to ensure optimum nutrition and flavor. Roasting the bones first will help develop flavor. A great trick is to freeze bone broth in ice cube trays. Add cubes to sauces, rice, ground meats or vegetables. 

Canoe Cut Bone Marrow- A popular restaurant appetizer, these bones are cut long-ways to create two boats that can be roasted and used as a dip for grilled bread or added to mashed potatoes or mashed cauliflower. Rich, luxious, and full of health and flavor. Also known as "God's Butter" 


Ground- Use as a substitution for any ground beef recipe. Venison is extremely lean and requires added moisture or fat when cooking. Bacon, lard, or any other animal fat pairs really well with venison, along with our fatty Big Island wild boar. A great way to add juiciness to burgers is by mixing in some shredded smoked gouda or onions caramelized in butter. 

Stew Meat- Hawaii's venison is extremely lean due to our warm climate and lack of migration. Without large amounts of inter muscular fat or collagen the stew meat will dry out if over cooked. Braise or stew meat at a low simmer for about 2 hours or until fork tender. Do not boil at a high heat or cook for more than 4 hours. Beer, chicken broth, wine, or bone broth all make excellent liquid mediums. Kahumana Farm Organic Cafe makes a killer Venison Borgonion and Venison Chili with this stew meat. 

Venison Medallions- These little steaks are cut from the leg and are put through a neddler to naturally increase tenderness. Marinate steaks 2-24hrs and sear or grill lightly until medium rare. Pairs well with coffee rubs, juniper berry, or rosemary. 

Sliced Venison Shoulder- This is a very tough meat but is great if pounded and marinated in teriyaki sauce for a couple days. Use lots of black pepper or papaya seed to help tenderize. Don't skip this step or your meat will be fairly tough. 


Ground- Delicious ground lamb great for stuffed eggplant or peppers, Greek burgers or meatballs, kebabs, shephard's pie, or Moussaka. Very versatile and mild flavor. Add shredded zucchini or other vegetable to stretch the meat and add moisture.

Stew Meat- Nicely cubed pieces of shoulder and leg meat, great for Persian Lamb Stew or Indian Curry. Ni'ihau Lamb roam the island and get much more exercise than most. Add about an hour of additional cooking onto any lamb stew recipe.

Lamb Loins- These small lamb steaks are very lean and have barely any of lamb gaminess. The tenderness on these vary depending on the animal. It is recommended to marinate for 2-24hrs. Pairs well with rosemary and garlic and is great on the grill. These cook fast and are best served medium rare as they dry out with additional cooking. 


Ground- Can be used in any recipe calling for ground beef or venison. This meat is mild, slightly beefy, and very lean. Antelope nacho cheese dip (with smoked gouda) makes a great party appetizer. Also, see notes on ground venison. 

Stew Meat- See notes on venison stew meat.


Ground- Tends to be on the leaner side. Great for dumplings, Mapo Tofu, or mixed with any of the other ground meats to add flavor. Pick up one of our sausage spice packets and make your own breakfast sausage patties or loose Italian sausage. 

Pork Chops- These short loin, bone in chops are cut 3/4" thick. Cooking a moist pork chop requires great care and knowledge. Either way you cook them the flavor is incredible. Best when brined overnight. 

Pork Shoulder- The delicious dishes made with this cut are endless. Try slow cooker Kalua Pig, carnitas, or pastele stew. 

Pork Belly- Plain Pork Belly is used in a variety of Asian dishes and can also be smoked to make bacon. We occassionally sell chunks of smoked pork belly. Pork belly is always sold skin-on. 

Spareribs- These ribs require low and slow heat and are best dry rubbed over night then cooked in a tinfoil pouch in the oven or on the grill. Add a can of beer to the pouch for extreme juicyness. 

Smoked Ham Hocks- We occasionally sell these at the market to use when cooking Portuguese bean soup, split pea soup, or other recipes calling for the additional flavor. Another great cut that utilizes marrow and collagen. 


Whole- These chickens are full of flavor and are a big step above what is sold in the stores. Majority of chicken on the shelf is pumped with saline solution. It is estimated that Americans pay over $2 billion a year just in water that is added to conventional chicken. Our chickens are not "plumped" in this fashion and therefore are best dry or wet brined over night or up to two days. 


Ground- These animals are trapped in the macadamia nut fields and have an extremely high fat ratio. They are delicious when added to chili or sauces where the fat can be utilized. Also pairs well with lean ground meats. 



Venison Chorizo- Juicy and mildly spicey, this chorizo is a "Basque Style" Chorizo which is solid in comparison to crumbly Mexican Chorizo. Great with breakfast, kebabs, or to add flavor to soups like corn chowder.

Lamb Merguez- This lean sausage has Mediterranean flavors like cumin, paprika, garlic, and fennel. It is great in Greek, Spanish, Moroccan or Lebanese recipes or just added to some couscous with veggies. 

Antelope Sausage- Flavored with red wine and apple, this lean sausage is on the sweeter side. 

Portuguese Sausage- Hawaii's favorite sausage, not spicy, but one of the best you'll ever have.