Pasture to Table

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Healthy Beef

100% Grass-Fed Makaweli Beef

Grass-Fed Beef Contains:

  • Ten times more beta-carotene*
  • Three times more vitamin E*
  • Three times more omega-3 fatty acids*
  • Three times more CLA* (conjugated linoleic acid), a healthy fat that lowers LDL cholesterol; and lowers the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and various cancers

          (*than beef not raised entirely on grass)

No Hormones

No Steroids

No Antibiotics 

No Chemical Color Enhancers


Makaweli Beef was carefully selected for our farmer's markets because of the high standards Makaweli Meat Company upholds. The Short Horn Red Angus Cross Cattle graze on 25,000 acres of irrigated pastures and an abundance of sweet, high protein kiawe pods. That along with a near perfect Dry and Wet aging process, produces meat that our customer's come back raving about. 

There's a reason you will find Makaweli Beef at many of Hawaii's top high-end restaurants. That reason is Quality. Leave it up to the Robinson's family, with a rich & dedicated agricultural history, to produce some of the most outstanding grass-fed beef our state has ever tasted.