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Farmer's Markets


Kaka'ako Farm Lovers - Saturday Ross on Ward Ave. (8am-noon)


Kailua Farm Lovers - Sunday at Kailua Elementary School (8:30am - noon)


Waianae Makeke - Saturday at Waianae Mall (8:30am - noon)**

Waimea Valley Farm Lover's- Thursday Evenings from (2:00pm-7:00pm)

Kapolei Farmer's Market - Once a month first or second Thursday- follow us on social media to find out exact day.  (3pm-6:30pm) Kapolei High School**

**accepts EBT and offers "Double Bucks" a program where half the cost of local produce, meat, and dairy is paid for by a grant when using EBT. ($100 of meat will only cost $50 EBT) Ask the Information Booth.