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100% Ilsand Grown, All-Natural Pork

Stacy Sugai & Patsy Oshiro raise happy, healthy, quality hogs in Mikilua Valley, Waianae. They are one of the only locally raised piggeries on Oahu and are working hard to increase Hawaii's availability of Locally raised Pork.

Stacy and Patsy have been and continue to be mentored by the well respected and recently retired pig farmers, Amy & Glen Shinsato. They are constantly learning and improving and have already proven to raise some of the most delicious pork we have in the state. Their pigs are fed a wholesome diet of grain and macadamia nut cake and are hormone-free, antibiotic-free, and steroid-free. The Ladies work tirelessly to ensure the cleanest environment possible for their beloved pigs, which are PQA Plus Certified (Pork Quality Assurance Program.)

You can find their product at top restaurants, including all of Ed Kenney's eateries, BLT Steakhouse, Halekulani, DK's Steakhouse and more